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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers About Home Energy Savings

How much is a Home Energy Assessment?

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What should I expect during my Home Energy Assessment?

During a home energy assessment, one of our professional energy auditors will inspect your home and evaluate its energy efficiency. We will look for areas where energy is being lost, as well as any areas where energy efficiency can be improved. We will also check for any health and safety hazards, such as carbon monoxide, radon, and mold.

Our auditor will then provide you with a report containing their findings and recommendations for improving your home’s energy efficiency.

How can Premier Insulation help me save money on my energy bills?

Our insulation services can help reduce the amount of energy your home uses for heating and cooling, which can lower your energy bills. We can also identify areas where air sealing or other improvements can help you save even more.

What is Mass Save, and how does it work with Premier Insulation?

Mass Save is a program that helps homeowners and businesses find ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Premier Insulation is a partner of Mass Save and works with the program to help customers find energy-saving solutions.

How does wall insulation work, and why is it important for energy savings?

Wall insulation adds a layer of material to the walls of your home, reducing heat transfer and preventing energy loss. This helps keep your home more comfortable and reduces the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling.

What kind of insulation options do you primarily use?

Our company provides options for insulation throughout your home. We utilize the following insulation types to achieve this:

  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation
  • Spray Foam
  • Foam boards
How do you air seal a home?

Air sealing is a key part of obtaining energy efficiency for your home. In order to fill small gaps in both walls and ceilings we may utilize spray foam. In other cases, we may recommend a vapor barrier that also controls moisture. 

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