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Get Rewarded For Saving Energy With Mass Save®

We are a Massachusetts-based insulation contractor committed to excellence. Increasing comfort, saving money & conserving energy.

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • Fully Licensed & Insured

  • We offer 75% to 100% energy upgrade incentives

  • Partnered with Mass Save and Montachusset Opportunity Council

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Get Your NO COST Home Energy Assessment

We’re Proud to Be A Mass Save® Partner

As a Participating Home Performance Contractor (HPC) in the Mass Save Home Program, we are eligible to provide customers with the applicable Mass Save offerings. Mass Save provides insulation incentives for qualified homeowners in Massachusetts!

Get rewarded for having an energy-efficient home in four easy steps:

  • Apply for incentives with Mass Save.
  • Have your home assessed for energy efficiency, we’re we identify what we can improve on.
  • Complete the project with the help of our energy experts. 
  • Save energy, and get your investment back.

Learn More About Mass Save and How We Can Save You Money on Energy Saving Home Improvements!

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What Does Mass Save® Offer Homeowners?

 Schedule a no-cost assessment today and find out how you can save. There are several incentives you may be eligible for. Such as: 

  • No-cost air sealing of leaks in drafty
    areas of your home (as necessary).
  • Rebates up to $15,000 for high-efficiency
    heating, water heating, and cooling equipment.
  • Installation of a Digital Programmable thermostat at no cost.
    (if compatible with your system).
  • 0% financing for eligible upgrades.
  • Additional incentives for renters and
    income-qualified customers.
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At Premier Insulation, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality insulation services while making it as hassle-free as possible for our customers. From the moment you contact us to schedule an appointment, to the final installation, we prioritize clear communication, timely service, and excellent workmanship. Read our reviews to see how we’ve helped others achieve energy savings, increased comfort, and peace of mind.

Increasing comfort, saving money & conserving energy.

Questions & Answers About Home Energy Assessments

Is a home energy assessment worth it?

Every therm of natural gas or electrical watt your home doesn’t use saves you money. Over the long run, yes, energy assessments are worth it. 

You could be saving money, and finding out with Premier Insulation is free.

What does a home energy assessment consist of?

There are three parts to an energy assessment: evaluation, testing, and efficiency recommendations. Once the audit is complete, the auditor will provide you with a report outlining energy consumption, a final energy grading, and home improvement suggestions to cut energy costs on energy bills.

Can you measure how air tight my house is?

Yes, we can! Utilizing a blower door we can measure the cubic feet of air that are leaving your house. We always do this before and after we work to ensure immediate improvement. 

Besides insulation and air tightness, what else does an assessment look for?

We also check ventilation through your roof. If air cannot cycle in closed spaces like that, mold, mildew and other fungi can grow over time. 

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